March Poster for Youth & Children Ministry

March Poster for Youth & Children Ministry
Grace and peace from our Lord, Jesus Christ!
What an amazing month we have received from our Lord from, 2016!
We get to have March Easter; cause did you know, we don't always have Easter on the month of March...?

Easter celebration has become more ritual as time flew by, but true meaning of Easter was to celebrate the Grace of God manifested on this earth.
It is to experience and witness the most excellent passion of Christ, who came down with full of grace and truth, and bore out all our sin and shame to live as God's children once more, which succeeds the everlasting life with joy, peace, love, abundance, and worry free. 

Jesus' death on the cross has given us freedom and authority over principalities, and power; His resurrection gave us the path to our everlasting life.  We are to celebrate and have party for Jesus' triumphant Victory, and live like the victor as believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

Let our prayers move the power of the Holy Spirit in guide us to live like sons and daughters of God.

                                                 Pastor Joshua Park

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